Our reputation and success have been built on continuous, rigorous innovation. As a pioneer of using data and behavioural analysis to analyse the investment process, we’ve led from the front of the industry since 1998.

Constantly Innovating

An unrivalled track record of applying data analytics to the investment process and
generation of alpha.

Webinar – Sizing: A lost opportunity?
Dr Kate Land, Inalytics’ Lead Data Scientist, dives deeper into her updated and expanded analysis of Alpha Decay. In this webinar, she focusses on the implications for the investment process,…
Webinar – Alpha Decay and the Research Process
In this webinar, Dr Kate Land, our Lead Data Scientist, presents the initial findings from an updated and expanded analysis on Alpha Decay. Using our Peer Group Database of over…
Webinar – COVID-19: How did managers respond?
We use our Peer Group database of over 1,000 institutional equity portfolios to analyse manager activity over the COVID-19 crisis and subsequent boom. How did managers react during the crisis?…
Rick Di Mascio appears on CFA UK’s In Conversation Podcast
In CFA UK’s In Conversation podcast, our CEO Rick Di Mascio talked to Maha Khan Phillips about the evolution of behavioural finance, and where we go from here.  From their website: The world…
Podcast S1 Ep6: Due Diligence
How is data being used to make the due diligence process more efficient and effective? Due Diligence is episode 6 of the Analysing Investment Skill podcast hosted by Rick Di Mascio,…
Podcast S1 Ep5: Managing Bad News
How do you bounce back after poor performance? Managing Bad News is episode 5 of the Analysing Investment Skill podcast hosted by Rick Di Mascio, CEO of Inalytics, and Tim…
FT business books: what to read this month
Inalytics recommends reading on of the Financial Time’s business books of the month, Quit: the Power of Knowing When to Walk Away by Annie Duke. Annie makes reference to our…
Inalytics Client Conference 2022
After a four-year absence, Inalytics’ biannual client conference returned last week, in beautiful Bergamo, Italy. Clients enjoyed sessions covering our new research topics and talks from outside speakers, covering topics…
Hedgeweek Summit 2022: Does skill exist, and when it does, what does it look like?
Rick Di Mascio, CEO of Inalytics, presented at the Hedgeweek European Leadership Summit 2022. At the conference, Rick provided his perspectives on investment skill drawing on his 40 years’ investment…
ESG Decision Analytics for Asset Owners
Incorporating ESG ratings data from FTSE Russell is just one of the ways Inalytics broadens the analysis of client portfolios. A clear picture of how external managers are incorporating ESG…
Asset Owner Case Study – Portfolio Manager Changes
To highlight how our clients work with Inalytics, we’ve asked a few of them to outline how our decision-level analysis enabled them to better assess investment skill, adjust their processes…
Due Diligence: Embracing the New Normal
We all know we are living in unprecedented times. The Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we work, live and engage with one another. People will choose to work…

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