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Identifying investment skill

Over the years, Inalytics has developed a clear sense of what characterises investment skill and a set of metrics to capture it. This research paper analyses a cross section of the portfolio managers used by UK Local Authorities.

Focusing on decisions and not track records, our research analyses the distribution of Hit Rate and Win/Loss Ratios and investigates these measures as a quantifiable indicator of investment skill.

What data have Inalytics used in the analysis?

Using the Inalytics Peer Group database, in this study we analysed contributions from 23 UK Local Authorities and 82 individual portfolios.


Download the full research paper below to view the results of our analysis of UK Local Authorities using the Inalytics monitoring service.

Contact us for further information about how Inalytics analyse portfolios and decision making to improve the investment process and help select skilful portfolio managers.


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