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Helping asset owners to ask the best questions of prospective and existing managers

Inalytics’ ManagerHub provides the analytical framework that supports and enhances your qualitative research process when selecting and monitoring Managers.

Experience shows that combining Inalytics robust quantitative analysis with your incisive qualitative research produces the highest quality decisions.

At the end of 2017, Inalytics' clients shared an enviable track record as 85% of their funded portfolios had outperformed, gross of fees, since inception.

Manager Screening Process

Bringing data analytics to the art of due diligence

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Manager Selection

Inalytics can provide a comparison of the key numbers on a range of managers, side by side. Allowing Asset Owners to easily make a shortlist of their appointed manager(s).

Once you have issued the mandate, Inalytics will collect, clean, standardise up to 150 prospective managers daily trade and holdings data then load it in to our system for you to compare the managers quantitively. There is no work required by you.

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Manager Shortlist

At the shortlist stage of the selection process, Inalytics will be able to provide a forensic analysis on trade-level data on a single manager.

Once you have narrowed down the managers that look like they fit the mandate, Inalytics will provide granular insight on the specific behaviours and skills that are driving the alpha in the shortlisted managers.

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Manager Monitoring

By focusing on the decisions of a manager, rather than the outcomes, Inalytics are able to provide valuable and transparent data on Portfolio Characteristics, Risk and Returns, Styles and Investment Process.

Once you have selected your manager(s), Inalytics will continue to collect daily trade and holdings data and provide you with an ongoing insight in to every decisions that your manager(s) are making. This increases transparency, reduces the requirement for frequent meetings and reduces the chance of unexpected issues becoming a problem, which leads to better long term relationships with your managers.

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