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Inalytics is working with Shane Sutton OBE, Head Coach of British Cycling, to combine its analysis of the investment process with Shane’s world renowned coaching techniques.

Successful fund managers and sports people have a great deal in common. They are competitive individuals who make the most of their talents by making correct decisions at critical movements. Inalytics has introduced a service to combine the most successful coaching techniques from the world of sport with our award winning analysis of the decision making process.

Inalytics delivers valuable insights into the link between the quality of the investment process and the resulting performance. The fund manager’s investment process is analysed to measure the skill behind every decision, and to identify behavioural biases which can harm performance. The fund manager is then provided with a bespoke coaching strategy, delivered by Shane’s team and Inalytics, to help them strengthen their investment process.

Shane Sutton is the renowned Head Coach of British Cycling. His processes and techniques have delivered 26 Olympic Medals and two Tour de France wins against elite, international opposition. He is exclusively partnering with Inalytics to bring his expertise in coaching to the world of fund management.

Rick Di Mascio, CEO of Inalytics, explained: “the service will help asset managers see beyond their track records and help them understand and strengthen their investment process. This collaboration with Shane provides fund managers the tools and support needed to fine-tune their performance. Shane has brought the team unparalleled success with his coaching techniques and we are excited to be working alongside him to offer fund managers an elite coaching programme to help them win”.

To find out more about how Inalytics analyse decision making and portfolios to help you improve the investment process and select skilful portfolio managers, please contact us.

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