/ Machine Learning

A high tech, high touch approach that captures sources of skill in the investment process

Machine Learning allows us to investigate data without preconceptions, and identify natural sets and breaks hidden in the dataset. It bypasses the need to set arbitrary groups or categories that might appear logical but do not suit the data, and which would obscure potentially important messages.

The result of using Machine Learning is personalised analysis for every portfolio rather than using a ‘one size fits all’ approach. This allows us to precisely identify the unique characteristics and sources of alpha for each individual portfolio.

This is the true value of Machine Learning

Characteristics of Success

Investment ProcessSkill is captured by:
A Research Process that finds and adds winners to portfolios• 1st buys
• Closing sells
Portfolio Construction that harvests alpha from research• Sizing
• Vintages
• Rockets & Torpedoes

The Empirical Evidence

The analysis of our proprietary database of around 150m decisions has empirically identified the real sources of alpha, and the characteristics of skill.

"Machine Learning takes a standard set of analytics and tailors it to the way the portfolio is being managed"

How Clients Use The Service

Investment ManagersAsset Owners
Oversee multiple strategiesAppoint successful managers
Improve decision makingSupport questions with evidence
Demonstrate skill to clients and prospectsReduce manager turnover

The Key To Inalytics’ Success

Success built on clients, the team and the data.

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The depth of the Client base

We work for over 40 institutions from around the globe, including some of the world’s largest Asset Managers such as Schroders; Asset Owners which include USS, Australian Super and AP1; Consultants such as WTW.

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The experience of the Team

Rick Di Mascio, CEO, has nearly 40 years industry experience as a PM, CIO and CEO.

Sandro Lunghi, Director of Client Servicing, has 30 years experience and;

Malcolm Smith, Director of Research, has 27 years experience.

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The depth of the Database

We analyse over 500 portfolios each month, and have what some Academics believe to be the largest and highest quality database of active decisions that exists. This is compiled from around 150 million decisions and $5.9t of trades.

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