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Making the Link Between the Investment Process and Performance

Good Decisions Drive Great Outcomes

The best and most innovative investors are constantly looking for new ways to identify skill within the investment team, strengthen the process and market the results.

Founded 20 years ago by a team of elite investment professionals, Inalytics’ proprietary analysis has been developed and meticulously honed by Asset Managers, for Asset Managers. Our analysis is built on the backbone of practical experience to help Asset Managers understand how their decisions generate alpha.

Inalytics’ analysis is born out of our direct experience of running money for over 20 years and is tailored specifically to each of our clients.

How do CIOs, Heads of Desks, and Risk and Performance Teams use the service?

The service is used to oversee multiple strategies, identify areas of strength and improve internal communications during the portfolio review process by mapping back to the way the Portfolio Manager thinks. “Speaking the same language and being able to take action.”

How do Portfolio Managers use the service?

Portfolio Managers receive a tailored analysis that draws out areas of strength in their investment process so they are able to focus on doing more of what they are good at and less of what they are not.

How is the service used for communicating to Clients and Prospects?

In addition to using Inalytics to help improve and manage the investment process, clients describe our service as having an exceptionally high ROI with respect to marketing and managing communications. Using Inalytics’ analysis to set them apart from their peers, our clients augment their interactions with Asset Owners and Consultants when sharing our comprehensive analysis to provide proof statements on the parts of the investment process that matter and how they add value.

Identifying the Characteristics of a Successful Manager

Understanding investment skill improves internal team’s performance, as well as identification and management of external manager relationships.

We help clients appoint managers with skill and retain them with confidence. Our analysis demonstrates how a manager’s investment decisions impact the value of your portfolio.

Managers market their performance as evidence of their investment skill. Inalytics’ analysis provides objective proof of how successful their investment decisions have been and the extent to which skill rather than luck drove their performance.

You can use Inalytics’ analysis to verify if a manager invests in your preferred style and monitor their decisions to ensure they remain so.

This service help informs your selection and monitoring processes with objective data on managers’ decisions.

How we help


We help you identify skilful managers and provide evidence based questions for your due diligence process.



Our analysis provides clear reporting on how managers’ investment decisions have impacted your portfolio so you can be sure that they are meeting your objectives.


We provide an unrivalled framework of scrutiny and oversight for clients who are transitioning from one structure to another.

How our service is delivered

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Use Inalytics' online platform to easily access all analysis and reporting on your portfolios.

Best in class visualisation helps you immediately identify trends in your portfolios and the exceptions which warrant further attention.

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Inalytics generates clear customized PDF reports for each manager that identify which of the manager's decisions generate alpha and which do not.

Custom outputs focus on our Clients’ specific investment objectives.

Bespoke reporting is available for CIOs, Investment Committees, PMs and Risk and Performance Teams.


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Quarterly portfolio review meetings with an Inalytics analyst.

We analyse your portfolios for you and discuss the key findings for each.

Direct what we analyse to ensure your manager meetings suit your objectives.

CFA Paper – Does Investment Skill Exist?

A recent Inalytics white paper has been published in Professional Investor, the journal of the UK’s CFA chapter.

The paper uses analysis of 100 million plus investment decisions in the Inalytics database to determine what makes an elite active fund manager.


“You bring a new dimension to looking at portfolios. There are a lot of systems that do attribution and risk, but nothing that analyses the behaviours and decisions that generate alpha.”

London-based CIO

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