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Analysing Investment Skill is a discussion between two experts from very different worlds, who have one key thing in common; they work with the elite.

Rick Di Mascio is the CEO of Inalytics, and has over 30 years of experience of working with the best-of-the-best in the investment world. Tim Harkness is renowned sports psychologist and data analyst who has worked with athletes at the very peak of their profession. Together, they share their experiences of working with the top 1% across subjects such as motivation, data analysis, self-reflection and coping with pressure.

Rick Di Mascio’s co-authored research paper is making big news

Inalytics’ CEO, Rick di Mascio, co-authored a research paper entitled Selling Fast and Buying Slow: Heuristics and Trading Performance of Institutional Investors with researchers Lawerence Schmidt of MIT Sloan School of Management, Alex Imas of Carnegie Mellon University, and Klakow Akepanidtaworn of University of Chicago Booth.

Within two weeks of its release, the paper was listed in the SSRN Top 10 downloaded papers of the week and has been viewed over 14,000 times since its publication on January 2, 2019. The paper has received critical acclaim, eliciting invitations to speak at several notable asset management and behavioral economics conferences around the globe, and has been highlighted in several articles across the industry.

These articles include:

Seeking Alpha:

You Likely Stink At Selling

Financial Times:

Why investors suck at selling stocks

Institutional Investor:

Portfolio Managers Are Good at Buying but Stink at Selling


When Rules of Thumb Fail

What Fund Managers Get Right

Financial Times:

How to pick a successful stockpicker

The Hans India:

Do due diligence well before selling a stock

Roger Montgomery Re-inventing the Way You Invest:

Analysis in Selling could be just as important as Buying

UK Uncensored

The dumbest mistake professional investors make

Blog: The Big Picture by Barry Ritholtz

Stock-Pickers Don’t Know How to Sell

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Brunel launches plans for Emerging Markets

Brunel Pension Partnership has announced its plans for launching its Emerging Marketings Equities sub-fund. Inalytics is excited to be working with the team at Brunel to find the best in class managers for these selection exercises.

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Brunel Pension Partnership works with Inalytics

Brunel Pension Partnership is one of eight national pooled funds and the company is celebrating bringing £6bn under its management on the one year anniversary of its launch. With Brunel’s belief in making long-term, sustainable investments supported by robust and transparent processes; Inalytics is proud to have partnered with them on their Transition and Manager selection exercises.

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Hedge Fund Magazine features Inalytics in piece on behavioural analytics

The article profiles hows Inalytics provides analytical feedback in order to improve decision making.

Di Mascio, who says his firm has analysed some 100 million investment decisions across more than 900 portfolios, says data shows there are common pitfalls many traders make.

“Instead of doing what they should do, which is run winners and cut losers, portfolio managers typically will cut their winners too early and hang on to losers too long,” he explains.

“The purpose is to provide the link between the decision that they take and the performance to see where the strengths and weaknesses are.”

The full text of the article is available here

Our coaching service for fund managers is featured in The Economist

Our work with Shane Sutton has been featured in The Economist. The article discusses how the combination of data and coaching is helping fund managers improve their game.

PROFESSIONAL cycling is not the obvious place to look for lessons in investing. But in the past year several big British investment firms, including GLG Partners, J.O. Hambro and Schroders, have used the services of Shane Sutton, the technical director of Britain’s cycling team. Mr Sutton, they hope, will teach managers to steer clear of biased hunches and performance-sapping habits.

The full article is available here.