Memory vs. Analytics

We came across some interesting research on the pitfalls of relying on memory to assess performance.

“We focus on the few striking events that happened rather than the countless events that failed to happen” – Daniel Kahneman Thinking, Fast and Slow

This examines the utility of human memory as an effective tool for improvement.

You can download the research article below:

Are Top athletes and Fund Managers really worlds apart?

Superstar Performance. Are the causes of Andy Murray’s success really that different to Warren Buffett’s?

Both are superstars in their own fields; high achievers who are richly rewarded. Fans of both believe they are highly skilled at their chosen profession.

For athletes like Murray, his coaches have a wealth of performance statistics, which allow them to understand and focus on his strengths and weaknesses as a player.

In the same way top athletes receive detailed reports on their performance, our fund managers receive decision analysis which shows them what they are getting right and what areas they need to work on.

This process is just beginning and is still in development, but we have clients that are already benefiting from this approach. Download the full Case Study below for more information or get in contact with us to find out how we can help with your performance.