An end-to-end solution for manager searches

Add to your long list from a roster of elite managers, filter for investment skill, and deepen your due diligence with a detailed analysis of over 400 types of decisions in the investment process.

Inalytics helps asset owners to perform searches with:


At each stage of the selection process, Inalytics’ forensic analysis of decision making in the investment process means asset owners can have the confidence they’ve screened for the most appropriate and skilful managers, meeting their portfolio construction requirements.


With the ability to process and analyse hundreds of portfolios in weeks, it’s quicker and easier for asset owners to survey the broadest possible range of managers. Our analysis enables asset owners to analyse investment skill on a consistent, unbiased basis.


Outsourcing data procurement, processing and analysis means the time between mandate and investment is cut down.

A substantial improvement in process, with significant cost savings.

By utilising the latest technology and economies of scale, Inalytics is able to offer this best of breed solution to asset owners with the option of paying no fee at all.*


of CIOS said they expect an increase in their number of manager relationships in 2021, compared to 30% in 2020. - Top1000Funds 2021 CIO Survey**


of CIOs cited reducing costs as “important” compared to 61 per cent in 2020. - Top1000Funds 2021 CIO Survey**

“We hadn’t used decision level analytics before but found it highly insightful.”

Our Service

Understand the Client’s objectives

Bespoke reporting requirements

Determine the universe of managers

Inalytics contacts managers, cleans and processes data

A summary of the universe using our decision attribution framework

Alpha, style and exposure characteristics and comparison

High level report on manager and universe characteristics, including bespoke reporting and criteria

Access to online reporting

A detailed analysis of the shortlisted managers using our decision attribution framework and timing analysis

Focus on the trading and decision making characteristics

Detailed bespoke report ranking each manager in our framework

Final call and engagement on detailed position by position analysis

Strengths and weaknesses of each manager’s decision making and investment process

Unlock the key questions to ask in the final selection process