We help asset owners identify and benchmark investment skill

Why do the world’s leading pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, foundations and family offices choose Inalytics?

We understand the challenge

We know how to differentiate luck from investment skill in a performance track record. You can use Inalytics to analyse the true drivers of alpha in a portfolio and understand whether a portfolio manager has investment skill.

We examine the full process

We know that selecting and deselecting portfolio managers is difficult when not presented with the full information. Inalytics examines the full investment process and you can clearly see which trades have been most successful and whether decisions have been consistently made.

Inalytics | Understanding investment skills

What are the benefits for asset owners?

Identify skilful managers

We go beyond the analysis of performance track records and uncover the key transactions and decisions that have generated alpha. Using our analysis, you can identify and select skilful managers that can add alpha to your equity portfolios.

Enhanced due diligence

We provide full insight and information on the whole investment process. Our analysis gets you quickly to the key questions in the due diligence process so you can verify the consistency in client meetings.

How do asset owners use Inalytics?

01. Manager Research

Using Inalytics, you can quickly see how skilful your existing managers are relative to a watchlist of portfolios and the Inalytics Peer Group. We help you analyse investment skill by examining data over time and identifying key sources of alpha generation within the comparative group.

02. Manager Selection

You can screen a long list of managers for investment skill using our analytical tools. You’ll be able to gain an unrivalled insight into how alpha is generated and pinpoint the most successful part of the investment process.

03. Manager Monitoring

Inalytics focuses on the full investment process, giving you an enhanced understanding of investment skill and the criteria for a successful investment process. You can quickly identify the key questions and issues worth exploring in the investment process.


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