We help asset managers measure their performance and make better investment decisions

Why do leading asset managers, multi managers and wealth managers trust Inalytics?

We analyse the decisions that generate alpha

Asset managers use the Inalytics platform to truly understand and improve the investment decisions that drive performance.

We know what’s needed in a competitive market

Being “good” is not enough in a competitive marketplace – you need to be better than the competition. By using Inalytics, you can benchmark your decisions against the Inalytics Peer Group Database.

We help you communicate your skill

Communicating investment skill to clients is more than simply showing a track record. You can use Inalytics to show prospects how your investment process generates alpha.

What are the benefits for asset managers?

Improve decision making

Inalytics goes beyond the analysis of performance track records to uncover the key transactions and decisions that have generated alpha consistently over time. With this insight, you can focus on the decisions that generate the highest amount of alpha.

Peer group comparisons

Inalytics Peer Group database helps you understand where you rank against our peer group of elite portfolio managers. Benchmarking and comparison can be done at each decision-making level.

How asset managers use Inalytics

01. Oversee

Using Inalytics CIOs, senior team members and risk teams improve their oversight of multiple strategies by gaining an enhanced understanding and insight into how the investment process generates alpha.

02. Improve

Portfolio managers use our analysis to find actionable ways to improve the investment process by identifying which decisions generate alpha.

03. Communicate

Distribution and client relationship teams use Inalytics to show clients and prospects how the investment process generates alpha and how a strategy would fit into an investor’s portfolio.

Criteria for Success

Inalytics has identified the Criteria for Success in the investment process. To find out more please contact us using the link below and one of our team members will be in touch with you.



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