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An unrivalled track record of applying data analytics to the investment process and generation of alpha

The Measure of Skill
Inalytics creates the Measure of Skill as an additional skill metric to report alongside the Hit Rate and Win/Loss ratio. Our clients can quickly see the strengths and weaknesses in an investment process using one common measure.
Capturing the Research Process with Opening Buys and Closing Sells
Inalytics captures the success of the research process by isolating and the opening buy and closing sell decisions in the investment process. Our clients are able to understand how a portfolio manager’s Research Process is adding value and how consistent it has been through time.
Applying Machine Learning Technology to Sizing and Conviction
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Criteria for Success
Inalytics creates the Criteria for Success, a set of criteria to analyse the success of the investment process. Our criteria is based on academic and proprietary research using the Inalytics Peer Group database.
Decision Level Benchmarking and Peer Group Comparison
Inalytics expands the granularity of its research platform by adding decision level comparison and benchmarking. Our clients are able to see how portfolio managers rank against the competition in all areas of the investment process.
Linking Analysts to Alpha
Inalytics updates the research platform to include bespoke reporting on the performance of analyst recommendations. Our clients are able to link directly alpha generation to individual analyst recommendations.
A New Attribution Framework
Decision Attribution Hierarchy
Inalytics introduces a new, patent-pending decision-attribution framework, unifying different aspects of our analysis and quantifying the impact on alpha from different types of investment decisions.
Our Future
Constantly Innovating
We strive to continue leading our industry by finding different ways and metrics to identify investment skill. To find out more about our latest research and ideas, please contact a member of our team.
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