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Identification and improvement of skill in active management

Does skill exist?

Used by over 50 of the most elite asset managers and owners in the world, Inalytics analysis enables Asset Managers and Owners to go beyond traditional holdings based attribution to capture the complete picture of how an investment process adds value.

We analyse the full range of decisions, including the buys and sells, so that the analysis accurately reflects the decisions being taken and captures the key drivers of a successful process.

In our twenty years of analysing over $7tn of assets on more than 150 million investment decisions, we have identified the following aspects to be drivers of performance:

Identify winners

A research process that identifies and adds winners to the portfolio

Capture alpha

Portfolio construction that captures the alpha generated by research

Control bias

A control for the behavioural biases that undermine even the most successful processes

Benefits for Asset Owners

Manager Selection TeamsManager Monitoring
Identify key differences in seemingly similar managersOversee multiple strategies on a consistent basis
Make an assessment of managers across a consistent frameworkAsk the managers the IMPORTANT questions in review meetings
Understand how new managers might complement/overlap with your existing managers

Benefits for Asset Managers

Portfolio ManagersMarketing/Distribution Teams
Raise awareness of behavioural biasPhysically demonstrate the unique features of your investment process with an analysis that captures the subtleties and nuances of how you add value
Continually improve decision makingProviding evidence of skill and transparency in the Portfolio Manager’s process builds trust in prospective investors
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